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It’s no longer going to be big-budget territory where creativity is stifled in favor of ideas that are seen as more of a cash cow. Fortunately for everyone, that era is losing ground.  

Smartphone filmmakers - phoneographers - Mobile Journalists - Fone Rigs+

Today, I invite you to meet the new storytellers who are reimagining the rules of traditional storytelling to lead us into this brave, new world of content development, curation and categorization; Mobile Journalists, Smartphone Filmmakers, Phoneographers, and Vloggers are indeed the new black.

If there's a story to be told, you can bet these Story Divas and Story Ninjas will be the ones coming up with the ways to tell it first and tell it like it is. 

Our hope is to be the premier destination of choice—period. Whether it’s that hard-to-find zoom lens for the iPhone or that awesome smartphone video stabilizer rig that’s needed, we aim to be there providing the tools to help our storytellers quickly disencumber from the "status quo" approach to both filming and photography to tell the truest story possible.  

...And that's THE WHY behind our existence.  


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