We've Got' Em...The Best Smartphone Filmmaking Gear For Under $100

The Best Smartphone Filmmaking Gear for Under $100

Someone you know (maybe it's you) is desperately holding on, trying to keep it going...but your granddaddy's super expensive, oversized camera equipment ain't up to the task any more. Make way for a new (better) kind of cinematic approach, one that is smaller, faster, and has transcended and disrupted the filmmaking industry for good.

The rapid advancements in mobile phone technology have opened doors of opportunities for independent filmmakers. Armed with a high resolution smartphone, a few gears, and a creative mindset, you can now go full on Hollywood mode as you shoot your own movie.

The next cinematic masterpiece might just be yours.  Like any other filmmaker, you need to be equipped with the right tools. From the look to the sounds and everything in between, below I’ve got some of the best filmmaking gear to help you get there, without the high price. All of this gear is just under $100.

When you need extra lighting power, this selfie light case ($17.98) comes with attached LED lights that will come in handy when shooting in dark settings. Meanwhile, this 18 watt LED lamp kit ($39.89) will add brightness to your scenes, just like a spotlight.

Prevent grainy images when filming in low light settings. A handy studio softbox kit ($49.49) will let you disperse the right amount of light and achieve the dramatic feel that you are looking for. This versatile lighting setup is a must-have whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors. 
It takes a trained eye to know the best angles, and you need the proper lens to achieve the right focus. This mobile phone telescope lens ($18.54) will boost your zooming power up to 8x. It’s made from premium optical lens optimized with nano high penetrability. 

Looking to add awesome visual effects? Well, you may no longer need an app for that because, who has enough time to tinker with the phone while shooting scenes? Here’s a rotational 4-in-1 lens kit ($19.80) that lets you switch from wide angle to macro, fish eye and normal mode in a jiffy. All you have to do is to turn the lens kit that spins into 360 degrees and you’re good to go.
Your audience will probably forgive you for a less than perfect image quality since you are filming with a smartphone anyway. But this does not mean that you can do the same for the sound quality. Your audio is the most important element of your film. Some of the best smartphone films have proven how audio quality contributes to the whole cinematic experience.  The clarity of your message depends on it.

To pick up the sound from all sides with equal sensitivity you will want to use this clip-on lavalier microphone($36.31). It is omnidirectional, which means that you can capture the sound even if your subject is constantly moving from one direction to another.

Another good option is this cardioid condenser microphone($74.99). It gathers the sound coming only from the front, helping you to concentrate the sound recording from your subject alone. This condenser microphone is perfect for shooting in crowded areas like busy streets and moving vehicles. You will need this to block out any interference, feedback, and background noise.
This steadicam stabilizer ($53.99) will give your hand a firm, solid grip over your phone. It comes with an adjustable clamp to fit most smartphone models. Definitely a must have because the human hand is unstable, and wobbly images will ruin the feel of your scenes.

Other versions of stabilizers are made to serve dual purposes. This stabilizing handle grip ($30.40) comes in a selection of attachments to suit different needs. Grips come with a light kit, a small microphone kit, or both. You only have two hands, so these combos will maximize your efforts perfectly.

Sometimes angles are just too hard to reach. This octopus leg tripod ($5.02) clings on uneven surfaces where ordinary tripods would likely fall, like on top of a rock or a tree branch.
Back Up Power and Memory
Shoot all you can without worrying about the footage eating up all of your phone’s memory. Stock up on this full capacity microSD card ($22.25) that lets you save up to 128GB worth of files.

Enjoy limitless filming power with the help of Mother Nature with this solar power bank ($33.64) that you can carry anywhere. Its highly efficient solar panels can provide you with so much mobile juice that you may never need an outlet charger again. It’s also waterproof, perfect for your outdoor filming adventures.

For days without the sun though, you can always conveniently charge your smartphone using this external battery charger ($56.15) that is compatible with most smartphone models. Its ultra slim design, dual USB interface and 20,000mAh capacity makes it the ideal choice for emergencies. 
Every movie needs a dolly for a smooth and steady camera movement. Whether you need to step closer to your subject, or to move a few steps backwards, this mini table top dolly ($80.99) will help you do the trick. Using a dolly for defining your scenes is always better than zooming in, to avoid distorting your images on screen. 

Elevate your videos in a different perspective by using this quadcopter drone($62.99). This pocket sized wonder is foldable and equipped with FPV Wifi camera that’s not only perfect for selfies, but for hassle free shooting as well. With aerial shots, you can highlight the entire beauty of your location without busting your budget.

Need to go underwater? Then this diving shell case ($52.49) will let you shoot up to 40m below. This case is waterproof and works with most iPhone models.

Since you may find yourself doing most of the work in budget filmmaking, you will need to carry most of your gear all of the time. This waist equipment bag ($35.33) will make your life easier. It is made from a high grade oxford material that is waterproof and absolutely durable. It has enough space for carrying your filmmaking gear. 

The door has opened for smartphone filmmakers and it is waiting for you to walk right through it. As you gather these budget friendly tools for your film project, remember that the best element will always be your story. No matter how inexpensive your gear may be, your story will take your audience to a new level of cinematic high.

Open your mind to creative possibilities, and never let your budget limit you from pursuing your Hollywood dreams.

*All prices are subject to change

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