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We've Got' Em...The Best Smartphone Filmmaking Gear For Under $100

Someone you know (maybe it's you) is desperately holding on, trying to keep it going...but your granddaddy's super expensive, oversized camera equipment ain't up to the task any more. Make way for a new (better) kind of cinematic approach, one that is smaller, faster, and has transcended and disrupted the filmmaking industry for good.

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The Smartphone Camera Is Changing The World...And Here's How?

Let’s face it, prior to 2007, we had phones equipped with nothing more than low-end and unsophisticated point-and-shoot cameras that we un-apologetically used for capturing our experiences, moments, events, etc. (albeit most images were grainy, blurry, and pixelated). Today, we can agree that the technology behind the modern smartphone camera has caught up to our imaginations and given us something we could not have foreseen. From the early days of the marriage between the phone and the camera until now,  Pocket-size technologies and devices have forever changed (for the better) the photography and filmmaking landscape as we know it today.  So where are we today you ask? We live in a world of smartphone filmmaking and iPhoneography. With more people realizing the...

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