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We've Got' Em...The Best Smartphone Filmmaking Gear For Under $100

Someone you know (maybe it's you) is desperately holding on, trying to keep it going...but your granddaddy's super expensive, oversized camera equipment ain't up to the task any more. Make way for a new (better) kind of cinematic approach, one that is smaller, faster, and has transcended and disrupted the filmmaking industry for good.

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Drone Cinematography & Smartphone Filmmaking: The Future of Movie Making

Yes, technology has progressed by leaps and bounds during the past couple of decades.  And yes, we can say, unequivocally, that the progress has leveled the playing field, turning would-be's and could-be's into filmmaking aficionados. You no longer need a big budget or full scale production company to make that movie, shoot that music video, or to put your imagination and creativity to work, on the cheap(er) side of things.   In fact, technology has swung the pendulum so much more in favor of the indie guy and gal that it’s becoming harder and harder to convince someone you couldn’t shoot your film or video because you either lacked the funds or they (whoever they are) didn’t green light your project. Honestly, thank goodness those days...

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