The next disruptive technology is here...the smartphone camera lens. But wait, you already knew that, right?

remembering the blackberry phone

It can be said that Blackberry was the first company to introduce the modern smartphone. It was the first company that introduced a phone that allowed people to check their email on the fly and make communications much easier (and way cooler).

However, history remembers Apple as the pioneers of the smartphone. The iPhone, first released in 2007, is easily one of the most revolutionary devices of the past decade. In less than nine years, smartphone technology has managed to change the lives of millions of people.

It has completely changed the way people consume content. Content creators such as filmmakers, vloggers and photographers now use smartphones to update their readers on the fly. The camera in the smartphone has also evolved dramatically. Companies like Apple and Samsung have drastically improved the camera and screen quality. Originally, smartphones came with a simple 480x360p resolution. Over time, the quality continued to increase. Today, the Galaxy S7 has a Quad HD display. In fact, 4k screens are also available on mobile cameras (Sony was the first company to introduce a device featuring a 4K screen).


How the World is Changing

Previously, journalist, filmmakers, photographers, etc. had to carry cumbersome equipment to a location. However, thanks to the advancements in technology, they can just carry everything they need, right in their pocket. You can easily record high quality video using your smartphone, as many of them come equipped with a resolution of up to 4K.

Needless to say, this has completely changed the way people create content. Almost anyone with a smartphone can now create and share content. You might have noticed the hundreds of social media stars that rose to popularity due to the introduction of Vine (a popular six-second video-looping social media app). 

The Future

Modern cameras on smartphones have reached new heights. This has led to a new generation of smartphone filmmakers, phoneographers, vloggers, and mobile journalist who can create content on the fly using only their phones. With laser-quick autofocus and a bevy of other nifty audio & video editing options coming on the seen (e.g. Kodak Cinema Tools, Celtex Shots, Focus Chart, Shot Lister, pCam Film + Digital Pro, etc.), the choices are becoming limitless.

Samsung also recently announced that it's working on an 11K screen with a 2,250 pixel-per-inch density and a resolution of 11,264 х 6,336 pixels. This screen will measure 5.75 inches, and could grace future smartphones by 2019.  .

Perhaps the main reason why technology is progressing at such breathtaking speeds is because of the increasing competition.

With more than 3.5 billion devices in the market and with demand on the rise, you just have to wait with baited breath and excitement to see what’s going to be introduced next!

Whatever’s next, we’ll be there.

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