"No Love Like Yours" Music Video Meets The iPhone

It's totally not okay if you don't know these guys...Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have been on the scene since 2007.  Led by the dynamic lead singer Alex Ebert, this American indie folk band out of Cali recently released their critically acclaimed album, PersonA.   

Now we're not by any stretch die-hard fans of folk music, but we surprisingly found ourselves tapping our feet and feeling the urge to get up and dance around like those hip New Orleans cats were in the music video of "No Love Like Yours".  Without a doubt a new favorite around here, but what was even more impressive to us was their willingness and creative ability to shoot the entire new video with an iPhone.  And it looks great!  Props to the whole team, as well as to the director, Olivia Wilde.  

Check out the behind the scenes footage here.  

Now that you've seen this unbelievable team hard at work...check out the final video below. 

Like we said, it's a real shame if you've not heard of these guys.  Okay, maybe we didn't say that exactly, but nevertheless, we encourage you to do more than watch...we want you to get inspired.  And even dance a little (yes, you!)

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