Lights, Smartphone Camera, The Original Mannequin Challenge!!!

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Okay, the recent fervor for posing like a wax sculpture is certainly catching fire—with first lady Michelle Obama and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team getting in on the action.  For those wondering what this (so aptly called the Mannequin Challenge) is all about?  Well here you go! This is where a person or group of people take part in a short video – but they all appear to be frozen in time like wax sculptures.

The most fascinating thing at play here is, of course, you guessed it; the smartphone camera.  Just think about it, 2000 marked the first phone + camera combo released only to the Japanese market. Fast forward to 2016 and you have a long list of smartphone video can-do’s and have-dones.  In fact, the need to one-up ourselves is so real that we’ve now found a way to take a video still shot and make it the new black.  Check out The Late Show with James Corden as they get their Mannequin Challenge on…

But for those who love a good story and some history too, then you'll enjoy watching the originators of the Mannequin Challenge kick start this Internet craze.

Many people dream of becoming an Internet sensation. The truth is, becoming a YouTube, Vine, or Internet famous is not as difficult today as it once was when stardom was pretty much regulated to either being an entertainer, athlete, or a (wildly) successful business person.   Now it's all in your hands or should we say in your back pocket.  So pull out your smartphone and start telling your story now....and who knows, you might be the NEXT Internet celebrity!

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